Strong, Smart & Sassy… Sprinkled with a Little Sweetness


LADY Chastity Blake (principal) Bodkin Pictures
My Mother’s Brother Selina (supporting) Lost Angels Productions
VEGAS NIGHTMARES Sasha Loft Theatre Ensemble
Living Out Nancy Robin The Academy Company
Country Club  Soos The Academy Company
Uptown *world premier Emilia Grace Vogel   The Academy Company  
Loose Ends Susan AADA
Savage In Limbo   Denise Savage AADA
I Ought To Be In Pictures Libby Granite Theatre (Westerly,RI)
Sword Fights Inc. (2014) 
Basic Hand to Hand Combat and Theatrical Sabre training
The American Academy of Dramatic Arts Company (2013-2014)
Directors: Darin Anthony, Betty Karlen, Mary Bleir, Adam Chambers
The American Academy of Dramatic Arts (2012-2013)
Studied: Acting, Voice & Speech, Stage Combat, Improv, Acting for the Camera, Dialects, 
Shakespeare, Dance, Sitcom Acting, Vocal Production, Audition Technique
Instructors: Karen Hensel, Valorie Hubbard, Tim Landfield, Michelle Gossette, Cheryl Baxter, Diana Brown, Lauren Bertoni, Brian Danner, Felix Pire, Mark Knowles, Perry Hart, Dr. Linda Brennan, Brenda Beck, 
Judith Bohannon, Scott Reiniger, Debra De Liso, and Rob Hahn.
University of Kansas, B.A. Political Science, Minor: Theatre/Film
Special Skills
Skills: Fencing, swimming, waitressing, bartending, basketball, softball, fishing
Dialects: Southern, New York, New England, Midwest, Standard American, Irish
*Currently taking a scene study class with Eric Hunicutt
*Currently a member go Moving Arts Theater and Loft Ensemble Theater