Strong, Smart & Sassy… Sprinkled with a Little Sweetness


For Deanna, it all started with the sights and sounds of West Side Story and Barbara Streisand. That’s all it took for a little girl from Providence, Rhode Island to decide then and there…in her living room to be exact… that she just had to be an actress. The people that appeared on her television screen had a resounding affect on her. This enchanted world of make believe seemed like such fun and she wanted to be a part of it.

Deanna attended Classical High School where she thrived. She participated in after school theatre and took Drama Classes. Her mentor, the late Ms. Duhamel, was always a source of encouragement and inspiration.

For college Deanna had her heart set on a couple of New York schools but the mounting threat of student loan debt caused her to reconsider. The University of Kansas provided her with a great opportunity to gain a solid education, to establish her independence, and to enjoy her Mother’s side of the family living in Kansas City, Mo. At KU Deanna studied Political Science and Theatre/Film.

 After College Deanna moved back to Rhode Island and found background work on various film sets that had begun to flock to the east coast. It was there that she learned the fundamentals of filming and being on set. Missing the stage she auditioned and won the role of Libby Tucker in The Granite Theatre’s Production of Neil Simon’s I Ought to Be in Pictures. Deanna received wonderful reviews in her first professional role. This play was the first in a series of events to shift Deanna’s sights, once again, away from the bright lights of NYC. This time Los Angeles seemed to be calling her name.

 Deanna auditioned for The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and was accepted into the Los Angeles program in 2012. For the first time she was able to hone her craft. The classes offered at The Academy allowed her to work on her artistry inside and out. Classes consisted of Voice & Speech, Dance/Movement, Acting, Shakespeare, Acting for the Camera, Dialects, Vocal Production, Stage Combat, and more. 

In her second year at The Academy she wrote a one person show called Last Call. It was a Dramedy about the struggles she endured before making the big leap to Los Angeles.  Deanna performed with other solo artists in her class under the direction of Debra De Liso.

After graduating Deanna auditioned for and received a spot in The American Academy of Dramatic Arts 2013/14 Company. Her first production as a company member was the world premier of Dan Steele’s Uptown. Deanna tackled her most challenging role to date playing a woman who suffers from a hysterical pregnancy. Under the direction of Darin Anthony she was given the freedom to explore this character and understand the depths of her pain. That year Deanna also appeared in Country Club as Soos, Distracted playing multiple roles (teacher, doctor, mother, waitress), and Living Out as Nancy Robin.

After The Academy Company Deanna joined two theatre companies: The Loft Ensemble in Downtown LA as well as Moving Arts in Silver Lake. She also continued her stage combat training with the team at Sword Fights Inc. (SFI) Deanna is currently filming My Mother’s Brother for Lost Angels Productions and is in pre-production for the Bodkin Picture’s series, LADY.

Deanna loves her huge Greek/Irish family that stretches from the East Coast to the Midwest. She is a fan of the New England Patriots, the Red Sox, and, of course, her Jayhawks. She loves Italian and Mexican food as well as good ‘ole New England seafood! In her spare time she enjoys going to the beach, fishing, and traveling. Her idols include: Natalie Wood, Maureen O’Hara, Lauren Bacall, Rita Hayworth, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Amy Adams, and Sofia Vergara.